Ozoda Nursaidova raised the problem of psychotropic drugs in cooperation with the State Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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The scourge of "cheap fun" is spreading day by day in Uzbekistan.  Despite the continuous reports on the fight against narcotics and psychotropic substances in the country, the number of cases of consumption of psychotropic drugs, which are prohibited or can be imported into the country in limited quantities and can be given with a doctor's prescription, is increasing among young people.  There are even cases where these substances were found among schoolchildren in some regions.

The video clip of singer Ozoda Nursaidova's next song called "Yomghirlar" presents exactly this problem.  The clip, filmed in cooperation with the State Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, begins with images of a quarrel between a couple on the verge of divorce and a severe blow to the psyche of their young teenage daughter.

The girl, who is in a depressed mood due to the turmoil in her family, becomes easy prey for ill-intentioned people, including classmates who are involved in the sale of psychotropic substances.

A psychotropic substance added to the juice on her birthday makes the schoolgirl quickly addicted to it. This scenario is not just artistic fabrication, it is the situation we are facing today.

The villains, who led their classmates to addiction, now begin to offer to sell them pills.  The girl, now far away from how she was raised by her loving parents, starts stealing money from home.

Those who made the schoolgirl addicted to psychotropic substances don’t limit the abuse to extracting money from her, they now start teasing, humiliating, and harassing the girl in front of others.  It's time to spread the videos of the girl in various situations through social networks.

The budget of the clip was 10 thousand US dollars.

It is understood that it is no coincidence that the National Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs were involved in this subject matter and production of this video.  In the clip, Nursaidova's team addressed the most common criminal cases these days.


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