Uzbeks working at the Orel plant were summoned to war



Employees of the waste processing enterprise of JSC «EcoCity» in Orlov received a call to mobilize.  Fifty people were drafted for military service, and half of them were citizens of Uzbekistan.  Yuri Parakhin, the head of the enterprise, disclosed details about this terrible fact.

It is noted that the entire shift, consisting of about 50 people, had to be dismissed, thus stopping the work of the enterprise in a continuous cycle.

"Yesterday, most fighters of our enterprise received a summons.  Even though in September several highly qualified specialists were given the documents for booking.

Summonses were also sent to citizens of friendly countries.  These people were sentenced to prison terms in their countries for participating in the «special operation».

In other words, this can be called confusion.  Law enforcement agencies should intervene immediately.  «I know that Governor Andrey Klitschko, who is responsible for mobilization in the Orel region, does not like JSC «Ecocity», and if this is done consciously, it is degradation», - said Yuri Parakhin.

Employees of JSC «Ekocity», who came to work in Russia from Uzbekistan, in a video address appealed to the President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev for help in resolving the situation. The regional military commissariat refused to comment on the situation.

Earlier, the General and Deputy Head of the government of the Orel region for infrastructure development Vladimir Ivanovsky in communication with Orel residents in social networks said that mobilization measures in the Orel region may be completed by the end of this week.


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