Mandatory certification for teachers of the highest category will be abolished

Local 5771

It is expected that teachers with higher qualifications will be exempt from mandatory certification tests.  This is stated in a letter from the Ministry of Education to the regional administrations.

According to the letter, it is determined that all persons who have 15 years of work experience before 2 August 2022 and had a high-level qualification on 2 August, will be retained in the highest category and will receive a high-level qualification fee.

Hereinafter, the teacher, who has 15 years of work experience until 2 August 2022, and has at least the highest category, is considered the highest category for life.

In addition, pedagogical personnel with a master's degree who have not previously passed attestation, are newly hired, specialists with a master's degree, or have graduated from higher education institutions and entered work for the first time will be subject to the tariffication according to the second qualification category and the fees will be determined before they are involved in the attestation.

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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