From rape to murder. The crimes committed by the teachers are revealed

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Crime among schoolchildren in the Kashkadarya region increased by 60 percent compared to last year, with two murders.  This is stated in a critical analysis published by the Information Service of the regional government.

It is noted that not only students but also teachers commit crimes.

Due to the poor quality of schooling, attendance, and lack of control over the behavior of students, the number of offenses committed by pupils increased by 16 or 60% (2021 - 27/2022 – 43 cases) compared to the same period last year. According to the analysis, 2 crimes were murders (Karshi city, and Dekhkanabad district).

In particular, a student in the 11th grade of Karshi secondary school №27 murdered a citizen living at 35 Bulak street of “Komilon” neighborhood citizen’s gathering in Karshi, and in order to conceal his crime, he also hit the mother and the wife of the deceased on the head.  Then he stole the car “Nexia-3” and fled the scene.

However, the regional department of public education did not raise the issue of personal responsibility and accountability of school directors, deputy directors for spiritual and educational work, class teachers, or heads of public education departments in which their students committed a crime to the daily agenda.

In addition, within the period mentioned above, not only students but also teachers have committed various crimes.

In 5 months of 2022, 29 crimes were committed by teachers, the types of crimes are as follows:

• 1 murder (teacher of school No. 30 in Shakhrisabz);

• 2 moderate injuries (Karshi city school 20);

• 2 minor injuries;

• 1 rape (Kamashi district);

• 2 thefts (Chirakchi district);

• 1 hooliganism (Kamashi district).

"At a time when conscientious leaders are fighting corruption, many people, especially parents, are deeply concerned about the growing number of cases of corruption and embezzlement of budget funds by the heads and officials of the regional department of public education.  Although we hide the illness, the fever will disclose it.

In particular, the head of the department of public education of Koson district S.D., the methodologist of the department of public education of Karshi city Q.D. was prosecuted,”-the statement of the information center of the regional administration. Tahririyati Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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