“Muruntov” in Navoi lost its Position as the World’s Largest Gold Miner



Among the world’s ten largest gold mines in 2022, the “Muruntov” mine in the Navoi region, which was previously the leader, has now taken the second place. This information was reported by the analytical center Kitco.

According to Kitco’s estimates, the “Muruntov” open-pit mining complex is expected to produce approximately 1.7 million ounces in 2022. The mine stretches over a length of more than 3.3 km, width of 2.5 km, and reaches a depth of almost 600 meters. “Muruntov” mine possesses more than 150 million ounces of gold reserves and resources.

The rating also reveals that the mine that produced the highest amount of gold in 2022 was the “Grasberg” mine in Indonesia. Here is the list of the ten largest gold-producing mines in the world:

“Grasberg” (Indonesia)
“Muruntov” (Uzbekistan)
“Carlin” (USA)
“Olympiad” (Russia)
“Boddington” (Australia)
“Kibali” (Democratic Republic of Congo)
“Detour Lake” (Canada)
“Cortez” (USA)
“Pueblo Viejo” (Dominican Republic)
“Loulo Gounkoto” (Mali)
It is worth noting that according to the analysis conducted by Kitco in 2021, the Muruntov mine secured the top position in terms of gold mining.


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