Kindergarten children were taken to visit the cemetery



Kindergarten students were reportedly transported in excess numbers in Damas vehicles to visit a cemetery in the Namangan region, as per social media accounts. The Regional Department of Preschool and School Education responded to the incident, which occurred within the "Zukko Bolajon" non-governmental preschool educational organization in Chortoq district.

Despite receiving guidelines from the district's education department on how to observe the "Day of Remembrance and Appreciation," it was discovered that on May 8th of this year, 17 children were taken to the "Tol Mozor" cemetery by the center's director, entrepreneur Ogilkhon Muhiddinova.

"This situation was discussed with the participation of the chairman of the “Iftikhor” neighborhood, a number of luminaires, and the parents of 20 students, and it should be implemented within the framework of the state curriculum of the preschool educational institution, which was developed for the proper organization of educational processes in educational institutions and meaningful spending of the child's free time," the department said.

The institution's director, who exhibited indifference towards his duties, received a stern warning.

As per the Preschool Education Agency, these initiatives are not obligatory. The "First Step" state program explicitly prohibits such undertakings, including visits to cemeteries with children.


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