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On May 28, the Republic of Azerbaijan marks the 106th anniversary of its first republic. In celebration, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan sent a congratulatory letter to Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev, which was published on the Azerbaijani presidential website.

"I am delighted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and the people of Azerbaijan on your national holiday, Independence Day," Mirziyoyev's message began.

The Uzbek leader praised President Aliyev's wise, patriotic, and dedicated leadership, noting that under Aliyev's guidance, Azerbaijan's territorial integrity has been fully restored, and historical justice achieved.

"The extensive domestic and foreign policies, along with economic and social reforms your country has implemented, are yielding positive results. Azerbaijan's confidence and influence on the international stage are steadily growing.

We highly value the strong relationship between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, which aligns with the shared goals and aspirations of our brotherly nations," Mirziyoyev continued.

Mirziyoyev expressed his confidence that significant plans to strengthen cooperation in ten new sectors—chemistry, oil and gas, mining, energy, electrical engineering, jewelry, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, building materials, and finance—will be successfully realized as previously agreed.

"With our strong political will and joint efforts, our mutually beneficial and long-term partnership will continue to thrive for the common development of our two brotherly nations.

On this occasion, I wish Your Excellency good health, family happiness, great success in your work for your country's development, and peace, well-being, continuous progress, and prosperity to the people of Azerbaijan," concluded Mirziyoyev.

For reference, the National Council of Azerbaijan, led by Mammad Emin Rasulzoda, declared the independence of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on May 28, 1918. The declaration was signed in Tiflis by the former governor of the Russian emperor in the Caucasus. This holiday has been celebrated in the current Republic of Azerbaijan since 1990. Starting from 2021, May 28 was renamed "Independence Day" according to the draft law "On Independence Day."

The Declaration of Independence signed on this day proclaimed:

From now on, the people of Azerbaijan hold sovereign rights, and Azerbaijan is a fully independent country encompassing the East and South Caucasus. Its political structure is established as a Democratic Republic.

The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic seeks to establish good neighborly relations with all members of the international community, particularly neighboring nations and states.

The Republic guarantees civil and political rights to all its citizens, regardless of nationality, religion, social status, or gender.

It also ensures wide opportunities for the free development of all nationalities within its territory.

Until the Constituent Assembly convenes, Azerbaijan will be governed by the Provisional Government and accountable to the popularly elected National Council and National Assembly.

These principles remain foundational to Azerbaijan's state structure.


Shavkat Mirziyoev O'zbekiston-Rossiya Ilhom Aliev

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