Mirziyoyev toured the developing complex situated on the hillside



Today, on April 8, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the "New Uzbekistan" complex under construction in the Sharaf Rashidov district of Jizzakh region, as reported by the President's press service.

The region had not previously seen such large-scale construction projects. Over the recent years, numerous factories have commenced operations, accompanied by the emergence of new industries, alongside the development of corresponding social infrastructure.

This area within the Sharaf Rashidov district was previously considered unsuitable due to its hilly terrain. Currently, construction is underway on a vast 140-hectare area. The project consists of three phases, aiming to construct 105 apartment buildings, totaling 3,936 units. These buildings, ranging from 9 to 16 floors, introduce a novel architectural approach to Jizzakh's landscape.

In the first phase, 4 apartment buildings with 204 units, along with a central boiler house, a showroom, and internal roads, have already been completed. Subsequent phases will include the construction of 16 more residential buildings, schools, preschools, a shopping center, and the establishment of an "Inno Technopark" to boost employment opportunities for the local population.

The second and third phases are scheduled for completion by 2026 and 2028, respectively. Beyond residential buildings, plans include the development of essential amenities like a community center, a polyclinic, a mosque, a hotel, children's and sports facilities, and the creation of a "New Uzbekistan" park. Additionally, vacant lots will be adorned with trees, transforming them into scenic avenues.

The President has instructed to expedite the construction of additional housing units beyond the planned quota for the year, facilitating access to preferential mortgage loans for the population. There's a notable emphasis on accelerating the development of infrastructure networks, social institutions such as schools and kindergartens, and the establishment of commercial services, including roadside restaurants.

"Three similar complexes are underway in the Jizzakh region, totaling 156 apartment buildings with 4,700 units, ensuring access to comprehensive social services for the residents. The construction of the "New Uzbekistan" complexes commenced following the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 9, 2021. Currently, construction is ongoing in 53 complexes across the country. As of today, 409 apartment buildings comprising 14,400 units have been completed. This year, construction plans encompass 767 more residential units, comprising 31,447 apartments, across various complexes," the report stated.


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