A farmer who caused 618 million damage to nature in Khorezm was brought to justice



A farmer in the Khorezm region faces a criminal case for felling 81 trees, as reported by the Regional Department of Ecology.

The farm, identified as "X.O." in Gurlan district, under the management of N.Kh., unlawfully cut down 81 naturally grown, healthy orange trees, resulting in a significant environmental damage estimated at 618.1 million soums.

The head of "X.O." farm, N.Kh., is under investigation pursuant to Article 198, Part 2 of the Criminal Code for damaging or destroying fields, forests, trees, or other plants.

Under Part 2 of Article 198, those charged may face fines ranging from 100 to 150 times the base calculation amount, community service hours ranging from 240 to 300, correctional work for 1 to 2 years, or imprisonment for 1 to 3 years, with a potential restriction of liberty for up to 3 years and a maximum imprisonment term of 3 years.

It's worth noting that 16 trees were also illegally cut in Tashkent.





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