A person who tried to smuggle out ancient bracelets is caught in Khorezm



A person attempting to smuggle two ancient bracelets was apprehended at the "Shavot" border customs post in the Khorezm region. The Customs Department of Khorezm reported the incident.

The passenger had concealed bracelets, weighing over 520 grams, in their hand luggage, attempting to transport them abroad through the "green" corridor. Expert examination determined that these handcrafted bracelets, composed of nickel, copper, tin, and silver, date back to the early 20th century, categorizing them as cultural assets with historical significance.

As per the Shavat district court's decision on criminal cases, the confiscated antiquities were transferred to the state and allocated to the Khiva "Ichan-Qala" State Museum reserve, the report stated.

It is worth noting that the Republic of Uzbekistan's laws, specifically the August 29, 1998 law "On Export and Import of Cultural Assets" and the March 23, 1999 Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers "On Export and Import of Cultural Assets," prohibit the export of cultural assets created fifty years ago or earlier from the territory of Uzbekistan.

Additionally, a person previously arrested at Bukhara airport for attempting to take 96 numismatic items abroad is mentioned.


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