Officials who accepted significant bribes were apprehended



Authorities apprehended officials who accepted substantial bribes across various regions of Uzbekistan, according to reports from the State Security Service.

In the initial instance, an individual employed as the deputy head of a department within the Andijan Regional Department of the Committee for the Development of Competition and Protection of Consumer Rights was caught red-handed during inspections of a pharmaceutical LLC in Andijan. The official had demanded $2.1 billion in return for nullifying a document related to excessive pricing of medicines sold by the LLC. They were apprehended while receiving $22,500 in a sting operation conducted by the Andijan Region Department of the State Security Service, in collaboration with the Department of Combating Economic Crimes under the General Prosecutor's Office. Subsequent investigation revealed an additional $7,500 had already changed hands. The official now faces charges under Article 210 of the Criminal Code for bribery, with imprisonment pending.

Similarly, in a swift operation orchestrated by the State Security Service in Tashkent, an architect from the state institution "Uzbekistan Design and Research Institute for Urban Planning" was caught receiving $20,000 from a businessman from Andijan. The architect, in cahoots with his father, who serves as the director of the Andijan regional branch of "Urban Planning Documents Expertise" DUK, had promised to expedite regulatory documents for construction projects in Andijan city. Both individuals are now under investigation for fraud and bribery under Article 168 and Article 28,211 of the Criminal Code.

Furthermore, in another operation conducted by the State Security Service in cooperation with the Department of Combating Economic Crimes in Kashkadarya region, the director of "Barkamol Avlod" children's school was apprehended for attempting to solicit $55,000 in exchange for influence over personnel appointments. The director, who sought to manipulate appointments within the education department, had already received $30,000 as an advance. Legal proceedings are underway against the director, charged with fraud and bribery under Article 168 and Article 28,211 of the Criminal Code.


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