The Ministry of Agriculture has been given new responsibilities

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A department working on the issues of fighting against land degradation processes has been established.  This is stated in the decision of the president of Uzbekistan on 10 June «On measures to create an effective system to combat land degradation».

The decision set the Ministry of Agriculture several additional tasks to combat land degradation.

In particular:

• operates a unified state policy in the field of combating land degradation;

• develops government programs and long-term strategies in this area and coordinates the activities of ministries and agencies involved in their implementation;

• monitors the processes of land degradation and desertification, including land restoration, reclamation, and recultivation, pasture use, conservation and Phyto-melioration, crop rotation, afforestation, and protection;

• provides mandatory guidelines for heads of enterprises, institutions, organizations, and other officials responsible for combating land degradation.

According to the decision, departments for combating land degradation and regional administrations for combating land degradation under the Ministry of Agriculture have been established.

Sunnatilla Abdullayev Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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