Man attempted to extort money by threatening to distribute nude images of his lover



A taxi driver in Kashkadarya demanded 2,800,000 soums to refrain from sharing intimate photos and videos of her partner. This was disclosed by the Cyber Security Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to reports, a 27-year-old woman identified as G.S., residing in Samarkand city, reported that an unidentified individual demanded 2.8 million soums to prevent the dissemination of her private videos and photos on social media.

The perpetrator of this crime, identified as 35-year-old N.J. from Karshi, was apprehended as a result of swift action by cyber security units. N.J., who was a suspect in the investigation, was known to have engaged in prostitution and had befriended the victim, G.S., on multiple occasions.

G.S., who had been in a romantic relationship with N.J., was coerced into providing either a phone worth 2.8 million soums or the equivalent sum of money to prevent the circulation of her explicit photos on social media. N.J. was apprehended by the Rapid Investigation Service while receiving the extortion funds, with physical evidence secured by the Cyber Security units.

In response to this incident, a criminal case has been initiated against the perpetrator under Part 2 of Article 165 (extortion) of the Criminal Code.


IIV Qashqadaryo Kiberxavfsizlik

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