The convicted pedophile officials were sent to a correctional colony



On November 3, 2023, the trial concluded for the officials involved in the rape of girls at an orphanage in Khorezm. The former head of the Khorezm region Justice Department, Oybek Masharipov, received a 3-year sentence, while the former head of Yangiariq district, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Anvar Kuryazov, was sentenced to 2 years.

Abdurahmon Tashanov, the chairman of the "Ezgulik" Human Rights society, revealed that crucial details of the court verdict, including the destination of the convicted pedophiles, were withheld from the public during a briefing. Additionally, it was disclosed that the time spent at home prior to trial was subtracted from their sentences.

Tashanov criticized the judiciary, stating that despite the impression of a 3-year prison term, the offenders actually spend over 2 years in a correctional colony with favorable conditions. He expressed frustration, suggesting that efforts to raise awareness about pedophilia could have been more impactful if directed differently, referring to the proverbial wisdom of "A sultan does not insult a bone" and "A crow does not peck a crow's eye."

It's worth recalling that in April, it was revealed that three girls from the House of Mercy in Khorezm were sexually assaulted for 10 months by Masharipov and Kuryazov. The Khiva district court initially sentenced them to 1.5 years, while the orphanage head, who facilitated the abuse, received 5.5 years. Despite appeals, the Khorezm regional court upheld the verdict.





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