The General Prosecutor’s Office provided information on the death of a citizen who died in the General Directorate of Internal Affairs



We reported the death of a 33-year-old citizen at the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Tashkent city.  In connection with his death, a criminal case was initiated under several articles of the Criminal Code.  The General Prosecutor’s Office informed about this.

It is noted that on August 12 of this year, a forensic examination was appointed to determine the cause of death of the citizen D.U.

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, due to the need to conduct a number of investigative actions in connection with the death of D.U., Criminal Code 206-(Exceeding the scope of authority or authority) and 235-(Torture and other cruel, inhuman or  a criminal case was initiated with articles of degrading treatment and application of punishments).

Currently, preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Tashkent City Prosecutor’s Office.

We remind you that on August 12 of this year, during the process of drawing up a report against U.D., a member of the criminal group, based on Article 224 of the Criminal Procedure Code, he suddenly fell down and lost consciousness, saying that he felt bad.  Emergency medical assistance was called for the situation, and first aid was provided by the staff of the Internal Affairs Agency.  But until emergency medical help arrived, U.D.  He lost consciousness and died.  According to the primary diagnosis, the death of the suspect was caused by “severe stage of cirrhosis of the liver, acute heart failure”.



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