People involved in the sale of psychotropic substances were caught in Fergana



Persons involved in the illegal trade of 4,000 units of Tramadol and nearly 10,000 units of powerful drugs were arrested in Fergana region.  This was reported by the State Security Service.

It is noted that a previously convicted person living in Fergana district bought 4,000 units of Tramadol and 5,306 units of Regapen and 232 units of Tropicamide through his Kyrgyz acquaintances.  In return, they sent them 1,200 US dollars in advance, and the rest of the money came to be given after the purchase of medicines.

In turn, Kyrgyz drug dealers transferred his order to the territory of Uzbekistan through detours.

This citizen, who sold narcotics, went to Rishton district and sold 2,800 units of the narcotic drug “Tramadol” and 560 units of “Regapen” and 10 units of “Tropicamide” powerful drugs to 2 buyers living in the city of Ko’kan for 13 million soms and 100 US dollars.  He was caught while moving in the direction “Ko’kan – Fergana.”  600 units of “Tramadol”, 50 units of “Tropicamide”, 13 million soms and 100 US dollars were taken from him as physical evidence.

Also, 2 buyers from Kokand, who bought drugs from him, were arrested, and material evidence was taken from them in the appropriate order.

In addition, based on the instructions of the drug dealer, the rest of the goods, namely 600 units of Tramadol, 4746 units of Regapen, and 172 units of Tropicamide, powerful drugs, were taken from his apartment.

During the quick operation, drugs with a total value of 1.5 billion soms were confiscated.

In another case, when the apartment of a woman living in Rishton district was inspected, it was brought from the Kyrgyz Republic for future sale.  3343 units of “Regapen” and 1058 units of “Tropicamide” drugs with a total value of 682 million soms were found to be in possession of drugs and formalized in procedural order.

Also, a citizen living in the city of Kokan, who was the criminal partner of the woman, was also arrested.

“Criminal cases have been initiated against these persons and investigations are being carried out,” the report says.


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