An AIDS-infected woman is revealed to have been engaging in prostitution in Fergana



In Fergana region (oblast), a woman with acquired immunity deficiency syndrome (AIDS) has been revealed to be engaging in prostitution.  This is reported by the press service under the department of Internal Affairs.

During the operation carried out in cooperation with the Criminal Investigation Section of the department of Internal Affairs of Fergana region and the department of Internal Affairs of Yazyavan district, a woman named M.A, who lives in the Yazyavan district, is reported to have created conditions in her apartment for a man and a woman named M.X to satisfy her sexual needs and received 150 thousand soms from them for providing such a place.

When the case was investigated by the officers of the department of Internal Affairs, the woman named M.X has been under the supervision of “D” at the AIDS Center since 2016, and continued to run disorderly sexual life, knowing that she was infected by HIV.

At present, the Investigative Administration of the Yazyavan Internal Affairs department initiated criminal cases against the citizen M.A under article 131, paragraph 1, of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan, and M.X under article 131, paragraph 4, of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan.  The citizen M.X was procedurally detained.

It should be recalled that earlier, a man who had infected women with AIDS was detained in Shakhrikhan city of Andijan region.



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