Are child thieves appearing in Fergana?



Recently, social media buzzed with reports of child thieves in the Fergana region. Video footage surfaced showing an unidentified man attempting to place a young child in the trunk of a car. The regional DIA's information service responded to the situation.

They clarified that investigations revealed these reports to be false and misleading. The incident described as "an attempt to abduct a young child into a car in Fergana" was addressed as follows:

On May 14, 2024, minor M.M., a resident of Obodyurt Street in Qoqon City, threw a stone at the wall and window of his neighbor M.A.'s house. In response, M.A. went outside and stopped a car, and a confrontation ensued with M.M.'s mother, V.T., after M.A. removed the child from the car to scare him.

As a result, documents were filed against citizen M.A. under Article 183 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility and forwarded to the relevant court.

"We urge citizens not to panic or spread unverified, unreliable information. Specifically, the aforementioned report is untrue," stated the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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