Who are the top three boxers in the world? - Isroil Madrimov 



Isroil Madrimov, the current World Boxing Association (WBA) champion in the first middleweight category (up to 69.9 kg), identifies Inoue, Crawford, and Usyk as the top three boxers globally. Madrimov expressed this view during an interview with the "BoksTV" YouTube channel.

"In my opinion, the three strongest boxers in the world right now are Inoue, Crawford, and Usyk. They consistently prove themselves in each fight. Also, Bivol shouldn't be overlooked," Madrimov remarked.

It's noteworthy that all boxers mentioned by Isroil Madrimov hold titles across two weight divisions as absolute world champions. Inoue holds championship belts in the light flyweight (53.5 kg) and junior bantamweight (55.3 kg) categories. Crawford is an absolute world champion in the first welterweight (63.5 kg) and welterweight (66.7 kg) divisions, while Usyk has achieved titles in the cruiserweight (90.7 kg) and heavyweight categories.


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