In Bukhara, individuals who recorded a video of a traffic safety officer and shared it were subjected to punishment



Two individuals recorded a video of a traffic safety officer in Bukhara and distributed it on social media. This information was reported by the regional DIA information service.

According to the report, while the officer was carrying out his duties in a service vehicle, individuals from another vehicle following behind accused the officer of a violation, prompting them to stop him. Subsequently, they interrogated and recorded the officer. Allegedly, they accused the employee, who was unable to comprehend the situation, of misconduct and used offensive language towards him. The video capturing this incident was shared on social media, depicting the officer in a derogatory manner.

The Bukhara District Court for Criminal Cases reviewed the case and concluded that the officer had not breached any regulations. Pursuant to Article 183 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility (pertaining to petty hooliganism), the two individuals were fined 20 times the BCA (6.8 million soums).


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