A person committing a homicide six years ago was apprehended in Bukhara



The murder case from six years ago in Bukhara has come to light, as reported by the Regional Department of Internal Affairs.

On April 24, 2018, at 01:15, the Bukhara City DIA received a report of a fire in an apartment on Turdi Farogiy Street. Upon extinguishing the fire, the body of the resident was discovered in the apartment hotel with 18 stab wounds.

Following the incident, a criminal case was initiated under specific articles of the Criminal Code.

An investigative team, comprising personnel from the prosecutor's office and internal affairs, was swiftly assembled to conduct various inquiries and investigation actions, yet concrete results remained elusive.

Since the beginning of this year, under a special directive from the head of the Regional Internal Affairs Department, dedicated efforts have been made to revive and resolve previously unsolved criminal cases, including the aforementioned murder.

During operational and technical investigative measures, the perpetrator of this crime was identified by the Rapid Investigation Service of the Regional Internal Affairs Department.

As stated in the report, "Based on the investigative findings, including the accused's testimony at the scene and witness accounts, the guilt of the suspect was conclusively established, and the case documents were forwarded to the Bukhara City Court of Criminal Affairs for ensuring justice."

It's worth noting that earlier, on April 27, following a fire in a house in the Syrdarya district of the Syrdarya region, three bodies were discovered, showing signs of homicide.


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