This year, for the first time, seed imported from abroad was allowed to be planted



This year marked the first time that imported seeds were permitted for planting. A directive was issued to import 3,000 tons of seeds within a month, announced during a meeting chaired by the head of state, Shavkat Mirziyev, focusing on agricultural reserves and priorities for 2024.

It is highlighted that, for the first time, imported seeds were authorized for planting this year. However, the Cotton Council, Quarantine Agency, and regional governors had yet to determine where to plant these seeds.

In response, an order was given to import 3,000 tons of seeds from abroad within a month, emphasizing the significance of planting high-yielding foreign cotton varieties on 100,000 hectares this year.

Last year saw the grain harvest surpassing 8 million tons for the first time.

To further incentivize farmers, innovations in grain production are planned for this year. A new system of providing preferential credit directly to farmers will be introduced for both grain and cotton.

Moreover, the transportation and storage costs of wheat purchased for state resources will be fully covered by the budget in 2024.



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