“Empowering Local Communities: 30% Reduction of Authority Transferred to Neighborhood Level in Uzbekistan”



In Uzbekistan, a plan has been announced to decentralize the powers of key departments, including finance, tax, and employment, by at least 30 percent, transferring them to the neighborhood level.  This announcement was made today, May 8, during President Shavkat Mirziyoyev's speech on the referendum's results.  
During the meeting, the President emphasized Uzbekistan's commitment to the path of democratic development.  The constitutional provisions have been strengthened to ensure the attainment of this goal.

"We require a streamline and efficient management system that eases the burden on individuals and businesses while delivering high quality services to them.  To achieve this, we initiated administrative reforms.  In the first phase, we streamlined the government and ministries, modifying their working methods.  Our next objective is to enhance the quality of management at the regional and district levels.  My foremost intention is to establish a people-centric system that resolves the issues concerning the populace," stated the President. 

Consequently, Uzbekistan aims to decentralize a minimum of 30 percent of the authority held by finance, tax, and employment agencies to the neighborhood level.  


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