A woman and her child were allegedly beaten in the investigative detention center in Andijan



Social networks have carried news that employees of the 3rd investigative detention center in the Andijan region physically assaulted a female prisoner, who was accompanied by her 1-month-old baby, and verbally abused her with various derogatory words. The human rights representative (ombudsman) of the Oliy Majlis has responded to the situation.

According to information circulating on social media, this incident occurred on November 24 of this year. It is claimed that the detention center staff beat and injured the female prisoner, identified as O.G. They also allegedly threatened to take away her child and place the baby under state custody.

The Ombudsman has reported that, during a conversation with the President, the prisoner O.G. confirmed the news circulating on social networks and filed a complaint with the Human Rights Representative of the Oliy Majlis (ombudsman).

However, O.G. did not confirm that her child was taken away and placed in a sedation room. She asserted that her child was always with her and was not placed in any sedation room.

Furthermore, to elucidate the situation, interviews were conducted with three persons detained in the same cell as O.G., and statements were obtained from them. On the same day, a forensic medical examination of the incident was conducted, and according to its results, no injuries were found on O.G.'s body.

"The collected documents were sent to the regional prosecutor's office for review in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code. It is important to note that on the day of the monitoring, the health of both the mother and the child was found to be good," stated the ombudsman.


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