Violent Confrontation in Andijan: Man Insults Department of Internal Affairs Employee, Suffers Bloodied Consequences



In Andijan region, a disturbing incident unfolded involving a citizen who not only insulted a Department of Internal Affairs employee, but also attempted to flee, resulting in an unfortunate injury caused by a piece of glass.  The Press Service of the Regional Internal Affairs Department has provided details on this incident.

The incident took place on 22nd of April this year at around 19:00 p.m.  It occurred at the intersection of Boburshah Street in Asaka city when a preventive inspector from the Asaka District Internal Affairs Department, a lieutenant, stopped a Damas car that had failed to yield to an ambulance.  While the lieutenant was in the process of documenting this violation, a passenger named G.A., who was visibly intoxicated, vehemently objected to the officer's actions.  G.A., went on to hurl disgraceful insults at the officer and disturb public order.

When G.A., in violation of public order, was apprehended by officers from the post patrol service whohad been summoned by the preventive inspector, he attempted to evade capture.  Seeking refuge, G.A. entered a store called "Gifts" situated on that street and made an attempt to open an interior door.  Unfortunately, during this encounter, the glass on the door shattered, causing injuries to G.A.'s head and left wrist.

Following the incident, G.A. was promptly transported to the hospital by the arriving personnel.  The injuries sustained were severe, including muscle, leg, blood vessel, and nerve damage due to the laceration on the upper third of the left wrist, the elbow joint, and the inner knee area.  Additonally, a laceration on the left temple resulted in significant head trauma.  G.A. wsa diagnosed with severe intoxication.

The district prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the matter.  As part of the ongoing inquiry, a court-ordered medical examination will be conducted to assess G.A.'s injuries.  Furthermore, the regional Department of Internal Affairs has been tasked with conducting a service inspection to acertain the legality of the actions taken by the Internal Affairs Department employees involved in the incident.  


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