The deputy governor responsible for women's affairs in the Andijan region has been replaced



Gulnora Ahmedova Mahmudovna has been appointed as the new deputy governor of the Andijan region, specifically overseeing the family and women's department. This information was conveyed by the regional government's press service.

Gulnora Abdullayeva, who had served as the deputy governor in charge of women's affairs for nearly two years, has vacated her position. She has been succeeded by Gulnora Ahmedova.

For context, Gulnora Ahmedova, born in 1974 in Baliqchi district, graduated from Andijan State University in 1996.

Throughout her career, she has held various roles including teacher, deputy director, and director of general education schools, as well as vocational training centers. She also served as the head of the district employment assistance center and as an assistant governor of the neighborhood.

Prior to her current appointment, she held the position of head of the Shahrikhan district department within the Andijan regional office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

It's worth noting that there was also a recent change in the deputy governorship of the Navoi region, specifically in charge of industrial development, capital construction, communications, and communal economy matters.


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