Tashkent sets a condition for the Taliban

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The current government of Afghanistan should listen to the unified voice and unified approach of the world community, which want to ensure the observance of fundamental human rights in Afghanistan.  In addition, the country must sever ties with terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda.   Ismatulla Irgashev, the special representative of the president of Uzbekistan on Afghanistan, reported on this in an interview with TASS.

"The current Afghan government should ensure the basic human rights of national minorities, especially women and girls, that girls go to secondary school, that they have the right to work, and freedom of movement," - says Irgashev.

Currently, the international conference "Afghanistan: security and economic development" is being held in the capital city of Tashkent.  The delegation of the interim government of Afghanistan, headed by Amir Khan Muttaqi, acting as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is also participating.

In the interview, Irgashev also mentioned that Afghanistan should cut ties with terrorist organizations.

It is noted that the international community hopes to hear, from the current authorities of Afghanistan, a promise to cut ties with international terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda.

"We hope to hear a promise from the head of the Afghan delegation (acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi) to cut ties with international terrorist organizations, including Al-Qaeda.  These are the important goals and objectives of the current conference on Afghanistan," the report says.

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