The Social Democratic Party “Adolat” opposes the government's draft decision



Uzbekistan's social-democratic party, "Adolat," has expressed its opposition to the proposal to reconstruct multi-storey houses in the Chilanzar district until there are solid legal foundations in place.

However, on November 16, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan announced that "In 2024, the Chilanzar district of Tashkent city should emerge from poverty based on Chinese experience. This includes new approaches, innovative and 'green technologies,' and modern management methods." The draft government decision was posted for discussion on the portal.

According to the proposal, with the agreement of owners of residential houses and service facilities along the road between the intersections of Dombirabad, Kichik Halka Road, and Dilkhush 2-Tor Street in the Chilanzar District, a renovation is planned to transform it into a multi-storey building. Additionally, new modern service facilities are to be established on the 1st floor.

However, after thorough study and analysis of the draft decision by activists and experts of the social-democratic party "Adolat," concerns emerged regarding certain planned aspects. Therefore, the party emphasized the necessity to discuss this draft decision with the general public, including Chilanzar district residents, to refine it considering their opinions.

"The implementation of projects in this regard without a strong legal basis for renovation, notably stringent requirements and procedures for implementation, as well as guarantees ensuring compliance with the rights of homeowners, can potentially harm the interests of individuals and legal entities," the party stated in its response.

It is worth noting that earlier, the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan also protested against the draft decision to transfer the Botanical Garden in Tashkent from the Academy of Sciences to the capital's administration.


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