From December 1, wages, pensions and allowances increase



Starting December 1 of this year, wages, pensions, and social benefits will increase, as reported by UzA.

According to the decree (No. 196) issued by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on November 17, the amounts for wages, pensions, and social benefits will see a 7% increase from December 1.


•    The basic amount used for pension calculation will be 372 thousand soums.
•    The minimum age pension will be set at 725 thousand soums.
•    The minimum wage is established at 1 million 50 thousand soums.

Additionally, the base calculation amount will change by 3% (not 7%) starting December 1, set at 340,000 soums.

This presidential decree will impact 4.5 million people, increasing their pensions and allowances. Furthermore, employees of all budgetary organizations will witness a 7% increase in their monthly salaries, effective from December. The base calculation amount has been adjusted by 3% (not 7%) and stands at 340,000 soums from December 1.

For clarity, the overall increase in wages, pensions, and social benefits throughout the year totals 14.5%, while the adjustment in the base calculation is slightly lower at 13%.


Prezident farmoni pensiya ish haqi 1 dekabr ijtimoiy nafaqalar

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