Trial of the Jorayevs' case begins

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Previously, it was reported that the famous singer Botir Kadyrov had filed a lawsuit against the sons of People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Sherali Jorayev, namely Shohjahan and Zohirshah Jorayev, to establish paternity. Today, May 2, this case is being reviewed in the Uchtepa district court for civil cases. QALAMPIR.UZ reporter Mohinur Mamatova provided this update from the courthouse.

It emerged that the lawyers representing Shohjahan Jorayev and Zohirshah Jorayev requested that the trial be conducted behind closed doors. After the representative of Botir Qodirov also supported this proposal, it was decided that the trial would proceed behind closed doors.

Currently, the paternity trial is ongoing between the parties. Stay updated with the details on QALAMPIR.UZ.

The Jorayevs' Case

In early February of this year, Botir Kadyrov initiated legal action to establish paternity in order to safeguard his mother's honor and dignity.

This case was initially slated to be heard by Judge Otanboyeva on April 15 at the Uchtepa inter-district civil court. However, the defendant's representative (Zohirshoh Jorayev) requested an adjournment to another date to review the case. The first court session took place on April 23. It was reported that the plaintiff's representative provided testimony during the session, and the hearing was adjourned until May 2 to summon witnesses and request additional evidence.

The lawsuit includes an expert opinion dated September 29, 2023, from the Sulaymanova Republican Forensic Center under the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan. The opinion suggests that Halimjon Nurmatov and Batir Sheraliyevich Qodirov are cousins.

Botir Qodirov himself stated that the reason for suing the Jorayevs was a social media post by Sherali Jorayev's eldest son, Shohjahan Jorayev, who insulted him. According to Kadyrov's producer, Asror Isoxojayev, it was this post that prompted the singer to take legal action against the family of the late artist Sherali Jorayev.

QALAMPIR.UZ reached out to Sherali Jorayev's brother, Halimjon Nurmatov, to clarify this matter. He denied that a DNA test had been conducted to determine that he and Botir Qodirov are cousins.

In an interview with QALAMPIR.UZ, singer Botir Qodirov addressed all questions and affirmed that Sherali Jorayev is undoubtedly his father. He recounted the interactions between father and son until he turned 20, highlighted pressures on his mother, and stated that he possesses evidence to substantiate the claim of paternity.


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