Construction of Earthquake-Resistant Dormitory Unveiled in Jizzakh



It has come to light that substandard construction work has been conducted in the foundation of a university dormitory being built in Jizzakh.  The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Economy's Press Service has reported this development.

According to the report, monitoring activities were conducted at the construction site of a new 2500-seat building for the Jizzakh State Pedagogical University, named after Abdulla Qadiri, located in the "Bugishamol" neighborhood.  These inspections fell under the purview of the construction, housing, and communal economy department of the Jizzakh region.

During the inspection, it was revealed that the construction project failed to adhere to the necessary standards for earthquake-prone areas.  Consequently, it was determined that the concrete work carried out in the foundation did not meet the project requirements, as per the laboratory's findings.  Furthermore, the concrete pouring process was executed poorly.

Currently, the inspector has issued written instructions to those responsible for the violations, and immediate actions have been taken to dismantle the substandard concrete work at the site.





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