An employee of Road Patrol Service fined for littering on the road



A staff member of the Road Patrol Service was fined after being caught littering on the roadside, as evidenced by social media reports. Rasul Kusherboev, advisor to Uzbekistan's Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Climate Change, and former deputy, shared this information.

The incident involved a traffic patrol officer, who, while standing beside his vehicle at night, discarded his plastic container onto the roadside after finishing the drink he was holding. This violation was captured by a surveillance camera mounted in a nearby vehicle.

Following the discovery of the littering incident, personnel from the Tashkent City Ecology Department located the responsible employee of the Road Patrol Service. The incident occurred on February 5 in a street within the Yashnabad district. Subsequently, on February 8, the violator was penalized administratively for breaching Part 1 of Article 91-1 of the Administrative Responsibility Code, which pertains to the improper disposal of solid household waste, construction debris, and liquid household waste in unspecified locations. Under this provision, the employee incurred an administrative fine amounting to three times the BHM (Base Hygiene Minimum), totaling 1,020,000 soums.

It is worth noting that previously, in Surkhandarya, a woman was fined 340,000 soums for littering in the middle of the road.


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