Crossroads will be adapted for people with disabilities



On July 10, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev reviewed new measures aimed at enhancing social protection. This information was released by the President's press service.

Initially, in Tashkent and the Navoi region, and expanding to all regions by September 1, 2025, a digital system for determining disability will be implemented. This assessment will be conducted by staff at "Inson" centers, using criteria adapted from the World Health Organization. Simultaneously, details about the individual's rehabilitation program and prosthetic needs will be compiled.

To improve safe and barrier-free movement for people with disabilities, all new and renovated buildings will undergo mandatory adaptation assessments. Annually, at least 10 percent of funds from the "Safe Road and Safe Pedestrian" fund will be allocated to constructing and equipping intersections for accessibility. An electronic interactive map showcasing barrier-free environments will be created.

Only buses adapted for people with disabilities will be eligible for public transport tenders. The city's public transport will offer free services to individuals with group I disabilities.


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