The head of the Fergana Cadastre Department was warned for cursing at a meeting



A video circulated on social media showing Nodir Mashrapov, head of the Fergana region cadastral department, using inappropriate language during a Zoom meeting with his staff. This incident prompted a response from the Cadastre Agency.

On May 3, 2024, the Cadastre Agency, along with the Fergana region administration and department heads, convened to address and resolve issues related to the unauthorized occupation and illegal use of land plots. They also aimed to ensure the timely and effective handling of appeals from legal entities and individuals during a critical off-site meeting.

During the review of the employees' performance, Mashrapov lost his temper and used inappropriate language. As a result, the agency issued a disciplinary sanction against him and conducted clarification work regarding his behavior.

"The Cadastre Agency takes such incidents seriously. Any actions that could negatively impact the morale and efficiency of employees will be closely monitored, and disciplinary measures will be enforced in accordance with the law," the agency stated.


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