No citizen of Uzbekistan should live in a cold or dark house! – Ministry of Energy

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No citizen of Uzbekistan should live in a cold or dark house.  However, the reason for power outages is not the aging of the power grids or insufficient power supply, but the lack of fuel in our power plants to generate this electricity.  Deputy Minister of Energy Sherzod Khojayev announced this at a press conference held at AOKA.

He said that 85% of the 90% of electricity produced in Uzbekistan is natural gas.   This means that natural gas should be saved and electricity should be produced as much as possible from existing gas.

 “In the last 5 years, we have increased the volume of electricity production by 1.2 times.   The question arises whether this is more or less.  “The annual growth rate of electricity supply is 7% only in the developing countries with the fastest pictures,” said the deputy minister.

He also enumerated the works carried out by the ministry in recent years.

 “Until 2016, one modern steam-gas plant was built in Uzbekistan.  In 2012, a 278-megawatt steam-gas plant was put into operation at the Navoi thermal station.   Since 2016, two thermal power plants have been built in Navoi, Tollimarjon, and two in Torakorgan, and the Takhiatosh thermal power plant has been put into operation.  And one such steam-gas plant was built at the Tashkent Thermal Power Plant.  These were built at the expense of investments made by the state,” Khojayev said.

According to him, thermal power plants were built with private investment funds in Tashkent (3), Khorezm (1), Bukhara (1) and Syrdarya (1) regions.

In addition, Sherzod Khojayev proudly said that the ministry’s projects for the construction of 2 more steam-gas plants in Tollimarjon TPP, 2 in Navoi region, 4 in Sirdarya region and Surkhandarya region have started.  He could not however, object to this statement that he made.

“I am not saying this to say that all problems will be solved after these projects are launched tomorrow, please be patient.  However, today it takes at least 5 years to build an economical and efficient thermal power plant.  What is the most difficult and difficult aspect for us?  Since 2019, since the establishment of the ministry, we have attracted more private investors and focused our attention on producing more electricity with natural gas.  We do not want to justify ourselves.  There are many investors, but they can’t say the exact time when the plants will be finished and put into operation.  No one knows how the situation will change,” he says.

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