Information was provided regarding the coldest and hottest December temperatures in Uzbekistan over the past 50 years



Thirty-nine years ago, in 1984, Uzbekistan experienced its coldest December in the last 50 years, with temperatures dropping as reported by Uzgidromet to -18/-23 degrees at night and in some areas to -25/-27 degrees.

Conversely, the hottest December temperature in the last 50 years occurred in 2021. During this period, the average monthly air temperature across the country was 2-4 degrees above the norm. Daytime temperatures reached 20-25 degrees and in the southern regions peaked at 26-28 degrees. Notably, the highest recorded December air temperature in Tashkent was observed in 1915 at 27.3 degrees, while the lowest was recorded in 1930 at 29.5 degrees below zero.

Uzgidromet noted that December 2022 saw significant winter weather changes, with snowfall and a sharp decrease in air temperature from the start of the month. The cold persisted until nearly mid-month, with night temperatures dropping to -10/-15 degrees in most areas and -19/-24 degrees in northern and desert regions. The southern part of the republic, including the Fergana valley, experienced milder temperatures, hovering around 1-6 degrees below zero.

Moreover, in 2022, snowfall led to a snow cover formation that lasted for ten days in the plains of the central districts, reaching depths of 7-12 cm and, in some places, 13-17 cm. Meanwhile, mountainous areas accumulated snow covers ranging from 40-90 cm in height.

Uzgidromet predicted relatively warm temperatures for December of the current year. The center's forecast suggested an average monthly temperature above normal, with some regions aligning closely with the norm. Night temperatures are anticipated to drop to -1/-6 degrees, reaching -8/-13 degrees in the north.

"This is typical for December as it's a winter month. On warmer days, temperatures may rise to 15-18 degrees, reaching 20-22 degrees in the southern regions," clarified Uzgidromet.

As previously reported, cold air masses are expected to continue moving into Uzbekistan from the north between December 11-14. Consequently, temperatures are forecasted to gradually decrease, dropping to -10/-13 degrees at night and -5/-8 degrees during the day, reaching as low as -17/-20 degrees at night in the north and -9/-12 degrees during the day.


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