A new variety of tomato has been invented in Uzbekistan

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A type of tomato intended for cultivation in the open ground and in greenhouses was invented in Uzbekistan.  This variety is called «Universal».  The Ministry of Agriculture reports this.

The new variety was invented by the breeder-scientists of the Research Institute of Vegetables, Melons and Potatoes under the Ministry of Agriculture after ten years of work of Ekaterina Lyan, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Rustam Nizamov, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Shermuhammad Aminov and Jamil Turaev.

The new variety is medium ripe, with a growing season of 120-122 days.  The length of the main stem in the greenhouse is 2.0-2.5 meters, outdoor 1.5-1.8 meters, branches, and leaf formation are medium.  The leaves are simple, dark green, with medium folds.  The first umbel is located on 8-9 joints of the plants.  The fruit is flat round, the surface is smooth, red.  Tomatoes weigh 100-120g; the base of the fruit has a small furrow.  Seed sets are 4-5.  Tasting rating – 4.9 points.

It contains 4.8% dry matter, 4.2% total sugar and 24.2% ascorbic acid.  Fertility: 15-18 kg/m2 in a greenhouse; in the open ground is 38-42 t/hectare.  This is 15-20% higher than in other varieties.

Variety documents have been issued for the widespread introduction of the “Universal” sort of tomato in the country, the organization of primary seed production in the prescribed manner and these documents have been submitted to the center of Sort Testing of Agricultural Crops for inclusion in the state register and for patenting to the Intellectual Property Agency.

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