Who makes how much money in Uzbekistan?

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According to the last decade of November 2021, the number of people earning more than 5 million som increased by 209 thousand compared with 2020 and amounted to 513,002 people in Uzbekistan. This was stated in the preliminary data on the execution of revenues of the state budget for 2021, published by the Ministry of Finance.

It was noted that in November last year 1,616,008 people (34.5%) of the population of Uzbekistan received a salary of up to1 million som. In 2020, these numbers reached 1,769.006 (40%).

24.1% of the state population, or 1,130,001, received wages up to 2 million som. In November 2020, this figure was 27.1%, or 1,199,005 people.

The number of people earning up to 4 million som a month also increased by 2.4% compared to previous years. In November 2021, 1,157,004 people, or 24.7% of the population, received wages up to 4 million som. In November 2020, this figure was 22.3 percent, or 987,002.

The people with an income of more than 5 million soms in the country also multiplied in number compared to 2020. In particular, in November 2021, 513, 002 people, or 11% of the population, received wages of more than 5 million som.

In a general sense, as of November 2021, 34.5% of the population up to 1 million som, 24.1% up to 2 million som, 24.7% up to 4 million som, 5.7% up to 5 million som and 11% received over 5 million som.

The followings have been mentioned as the main factors of revenue growth:

- recovery of economic activity;
- the increase in the minimum wage in the public sector by an average of 12.8% compared to 2020;
- partial resumption of the incentive payments in budgetary organizations at the beginning of 2021- which suspended in 2020;
- number of employees in the private sector and legalization of the wage fund.
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