Licenses for several private universities in Uzbekistan have been revoked



Five non-governmental higher education institutions have had their licenses revoked due to significant breaches of license requirements. Additionally, proceedings for the revocation of one more license are underway. This information was disclosed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation.

The Ministry announced that students enrolled in institutions with revoked licenses or discontinued programs, as decided by the President, will be allowed to transfer their studies to equivalent programs in both public and private educational institutions, following established protocols.

All students from Binary University in Urganch and Valley Innovative University, whose licenses were revoked, have been successfully relocated to other institutions of higher learning. The process of transferring students from other affected universities is currently underway.

The Ministry assures that no student from the affected institutions will be left without options. Every student's application for transfer will be processed, and they will be accommodated in other universities as per the established procedure.





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