The air temperature in Uzbekistan will drop to -20 – center for hydrometeorological services of the Republic of Uzbekistan



Today, 5 December, it will snow from time to time across Uzbekistan.  The snow will be heavy in some foothills and mountainous areas.  Cloudy and dry weather will be observed only in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Khorezm, Bukhara, and Navoi regions.  This was reported by the Uzhydromet press service.

Unstable weather will remain in the eastern regions of the Republic tomorrow, 6 December.  No precipitation is expected in Uzbekistan, only in the regions of the Fergana Valley, as well as in the foothills and mountainous regions, it will snow at night and in the first half of the day.  The air temperature will be 5-10 degrees cold at night, and 3-2 degrees warm during the day.

In the northern regions of Uzbekistan, 13-15 degrees of cold weather will be observed at night, and in some places -20 degrees.  It will be around 4-9 degrees cold during the day.

Weather without precipitation is expected in Uzbekistan at the end of this week.  Only on 7-8 December, a little snow will fall in the southeast of the country, mainly in some places of foothills and mountainous regions.  The air temperature at night will be 3-8 degrees, and in some places, it is possible to get cold up to 10 degrees. Daytime temperatures will be 3 degrees cold and 2 degrees warm.

In the northern regions of the republic, the night temperature will be around 8-13 degrees, and in some places, the air temperature may drop to minus 15-20 degrees. During the day, the temperature will be 2-7 degrees below zero.

Fog will fall in some places across the Republic.  Accidents may be observed on some roads.



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