Cross-border water meters are set to be installed within the territories of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan



Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have agreed to deploy meters to precisely gauge water consumption levels. The Ministry of Water Management and Irrigation of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced this development on March 19.

As per the agreement, Kazakhstan will install meters in Uzbekistan, reciprocated by Uzbekistan installing meters in Kazakhstan. Additionally, both parties aim to establish an online data exchange system.

Consequently, Kazakhstan will utilize data gathered by Uzbekistan, and vice versa.

The significance of this agreement lies in benefiting our country, which faces geographical challenges with limited access to river sources, as stated in the report.

Currently, experts from both nations are deliberating on the placement of these water meters.

Minister of Water Management and Irrigation, Nurjon Nurjigitov, stated, "Installing these meters will enable real-time monitoring of water consumption by both countries. In April, we intend to initiate discussions with other neighboring countries for similar projects."

It's worth noting that an earlier agreement was signed between the Governments of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan regarding the regulation of the International Center of Industrial Cooperation "Central Asia.”


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