Uzbekistan urged Iran and Israel to ease tensions



The Republic of Uzbekistan expressed deep concern over the heightened tensions in the Middle East. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan conveyed this today, April 15th.

It called on all parties to remain calm, cease military actions, and expedite political efforts for conflict resolution.

The statement emphasized the potential for serious consequences and widespread military conflicts due to escalating tensions in the region.

Conflict Escalation between Iran and Israel:

On April 1, Israel conducted an airstrike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, resulting in the death of seven members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, including two generals.

Iran labeled the attack as an infringement on its territory and vowed retaliation.

Israel, in turn, pledged to respond to Iranian aggression.

During the night of April 14, Iran launched a barrage of kamikaze drones, ballistic and cruise missiles at Israel, claiming to have hit several military targets.

Israel reported intercepting most of the attacks but confirmed one rocket struck a military base in the southern region.

Notably, on April 14, Kazakhstan also urged Iran and Israel to exercise restraint.


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