New requirements for organizing Umrah events comes into effect



Starting from November 1, new requirements for the organization of Umrah events will take effect. This information was announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

In accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, only local tour operators are authorized to provide services related to the organization and conduct of Umrah events for citizens.

As of November 1, 2023, the following documents must be submitted by tour operators for conducting Umrah activities:

  • To offer services for organizing and conducting Umrah events, tour operators must be affiliated with an educational institution specializing in religious (Islamic) education or the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. Additionally, they must provide information about at least one specialist who holds a degree in Islamic history and source studies, specializing in "Pilgrimage tourism" and "Islamic law."
  • When applying for a license to offer tourism services related to the organization and holding of Umrah events, the applicant must make a payment equivalent to 100,000 US dollars to the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Climate Change of Uzbekistan. This payment should be made directly to the bank details provided by the Safe Tourism Fund of the Tourism Committee.

It is important to note that tour operators who do not meet the requirements of these new regulations, which will be enforced from November 1 of this year, will not be granted the right to organize Umrah events.

The message advises our compatriots to collaborate with tour operators that adhere to the above-mentioned requirements in order to participate in Umrah events. Furthermore, citizens are urged not to make advance payments to tourist companies for Umrah pilgrimages.

For your information, tour operators that fail to meet the new regulations, effective as of November 1 of this year, will not be authorized to organize Umrah events.




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