33 deputy governors are reprimanded in Uchtepa district

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The governor (Hokim) of Uchtepa district gave reprimands to 33 out of 60 assistant governors in the neighborhoods (makhallas).  A document reflecting the city governor’s decision is posted on the portal «e-qaror» (electronic decision).

It was noted that on 19 April this year, during the extended video meeting on «Measures to increase the efficiency of the neighborhood (makhalla) system and work to ensure employment», the issues of entrepreneurship development in makhallas and employment were discussed.  The report from assistant governors of districts on the fight against employment and poverty reduction was found to be unsatisfactory.  In accordance with the Presidential Office of the of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 11 February 2022 (02-304 of 11 February 2022), disciplinary measures have been taken against several responsible leaders.

In 2022, the «Road Map» was developed on the transformation of Uchtepa district into a zone free from unemployment and poverty, and on this basis, measures to effectively organize the activities of assistant governors were defined in 7 directions.  To ensure the implementation of this developed «Roadmap» and measures to carry out work in 7 directions, information about the work carried out by local assistants of governors has been input on the platform of “ONLINE-MAKHALLA.”  At the end of the 1st quarter of this year, the data entered into the "ONLINE-MAKHALLA" platform was evaluated in the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) rating system, and it was found that 45% (27 people) of the 60 makhallas in the district received lower marks than the district average.

In accordance with article 181, Part 1, Chapter 1 of the labor code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the following assistants to the governor, who irresponsibly approached their work without fulfilling the tasks given by the center, were reprimanded:

«A.Qodiriy» - (S.N. Fazliyev);
“Qo’rg’ontepa” - (A.S. Raupov);
«Hondamir» - (N.N.Usmanov);
"Jurjoniy" - (K.Z.Soipov);
“O’rikzor” - (N.I.Mirzayev);
«Oqmasjid» - (B.S.Kurbanov);
«Hojiobod» - (F.M.Karimov);
“Nurobod” - (S. D. Tukhtamurodov);
“Bog’abad” - (H.B. Ruzimuradov);
«Qor yog’di» - (B.S.Isayev);
«Bekobod» - (S.O. Jumakulov);
“Ko’ksaroy” - (I.E. Imambayev);
«Tepaqo’rg’on» - (H.T. Jumayev);
“Alixonto’ra Sog’uniy” - (Yu.F. Khadjiev);
«Tinchlikobod» - (S.I.Abduvaliev);
“Ko’kcha Oqtepa - (M.I. Egamberdiyev);
«Qoziguzar» - (A.Z.Kurbanov);
«Chamanzor» - (A.S.Shamsiyev);
«Yusuf Sakkokiy» - (I.H.Rakhmatullayev);
«Latifguzar» - (S.N.Nasrullayev);
«Xuroson» - (K. Burkhonov);
«Foziltepa» - (D.I.Karimov);
«Sharqa Yulduzi» – (T.B. Abdurakhmanova);
«Taqachi» - (O.Yorkulov);
«O’tkir» - (A. Shernazarov);
«Ko’rkamobod» - (B. Bobokulov);
«Xurshid» - (M.M. Akhmedov);
«Cho’pon ota» - (Y. Boymyrov);
«Diydor» - (R. Noruziyev);
«Quyi Darxon» - (A. Arziyev);
“Sharq Guli - (J. Soatov);
“Beshqayrag’och” - (R. Kutliyev);
«Hayratiy» - (J.Jonybekov)

Qalampir.uz Tahririyati Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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