A presentation of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan was held in Turkestan


Today 26 October, a conference dedicated to sustainable tourism, pilgrimage, tourism of religious sites, and protection of cultural heritage sites began in Turkestan, Republic of Kazakhstan.  The conference brought together more than 400 representatives from 20 countries. A QALAMPIR.UZ reporter also participated in it.

At the opening ceremony of this conference, the governor of the Turkestan region, representatives of the Presidential Administration and government of Kazakhstan, and members of international tangible and intangible cultural heritage organizations participated and gave a speech.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan Temur Mirzayev participated in this event on behalf of Uzbekistan and presented the world-famous historical and religious monuments of Uzbekistan.  Also, Mirziyoyev took part in the press conference and read the address of the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of Uzbekistan - Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abduhakimov to the conference.

At the press conference, representatives of foreign institutions shared their views with the mass media.  The representative of UNESCO, Professor James Rip, who participated in it, said that the conference will not only cover the city of Turkestan, but will also be important for other countries of Central Asia with common values:

"I think that this conference is a great opportunity to once again highlight the cultural and religious tourism ties in the entire Central Asian region.  We can say without a doubt that extensive connections along the Silk Road have spread in the region.  This will help to connect the famous historical and religious monuments and cities of the region in one network and systematize actions in this regard, as in the case of this ongoing conference."

During the Turkestan conference, a ceremony of signing memorandums was held with the participation of representatives of UNESCO and members of various international cultural heritage institutions.  Under the auspices of international organizations, important documents were signed on the protection and preservation of cultural and intangible heritage monuments, and objects of pilgrimage tourism.  The architectural monument of the great thinker Ahmed Yassavi, is related to the culture and history of all countries of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and a new program for its protection was implemented.

It should be recalled that the international conference in Turkestan will be held between 26-28 October.  At the end of the event, a press tour will be organized for media workers.


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