Tashkent residents will face a two-day magnetic storm



On 15-16 June, residents of the capital Tashkent will feel a weakening effect because of an active magnetic storm in the northern hemisphere.  This was reported by the specialist of Uzbekistan Hydrometeorology Center (UzHydromet)Erkin Abdulakhatov on his Telegram channel.

He noted that the 4-magnitude magnetic storms with G3 degrees are expected in Tashkent on June 15-16.

The G3 level is not dangerous for most people.

“The high-risk rate of magnetic storms has a significant impact not only on human health and daily activities but also on communication and energy systems.

During a storm with the level of G3, some people experience slight pain in the back of the head. At this moment, such people are advised to move less and stay more at home», - Abdulakhatov said.

He also added that smoking, alcohol, and coffee consumption, as well as physical exercise, are not recommended for people who are experiencing these issues at this time.  Fish and vegetables should be included in the diet.


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