It was found that a toilet was built in the historic madrasa in Tashkent



It was found that a toilet was built in the historic madrasa in Tashkent

A toilet was discovered to have been constructed within the historic madrasa in Tashkent. This discovery was announced by the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office.

During a recent inspection by the prosecutor's office in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Agency, it was revealed that significant damage amounting to 65.6 million soums was caused by officials who illegally built a toilet and relocated communication networks inside the 16th-century architectural monument, Abdulqosim Eshon madrasa, in the Chilonzor district of Tashkent.

Furthermore, in Namangan city, the entrance gate and tower of the 19th-century architectural monument, the "Mysterious Mosque," were completely destroyed in the ancient ganchkor style. This act, attributed to the head of LLC O.A. and others, resulted in damages of 554.4 million soums.

Additionally, in Andijan city, 113.7 cubic meters of the 20th-century architectural monument, Yunushoji Mosque, were unlawfully given to citizen M.K., causing 801.5 million soums in damages.

The report states that criminal cases have been initiated and investigations are underway, with ongoing monitoring measures. 

It's worth noting that an earlier incident involved the demolition of a monument dating back to the 5th-7th centuries in the Denov district of the Surkhandarya region to make space for a barn.


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