Spark driving in the opposite direction collides with a Honda in Tashkent 



On July 9, a severe traffic accident occurred in Tashkent, involving three vehicles. The incident was reported by the Tashkent City MDIA's traffic safety department.

The accident took place at 19:40 on Kipchak Street in the Sergeli District, involving three cars: two Sparks and one Honda.

A video circulating on social media shows a Spark traveling in the wrong direction and crashing into a Honda, who was driving normally on the correct side of the road. Another Spark, following the Honda, also collided with the cars due to the crash.

"Emergency medical personnel are currently administering first aid to three individuals involved in the accident. The Traffic Safety Department of Tashkent MDIA staff is investigating the incident, and further information will be provided," the report stated.

It is worth noting that a driver was killed in a previous traffic accident in the Quva district of the Fergana region.


Toshkent Spark Honda

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