Jewelry worth 1.8 billion soums was found hidden in the bus at a Tashkent region border post



Jewelry valued at 1.77 billion soums was discovered being smuggled into Uzbekistan by bus in the Tashkent region. This was reported by the Tashkent region customs department.

When a civilian-operated bus entered Uzbekistan at the "Gishtkoprik" border customs post, officials found 59 kg of jewelry with an estimated value of 1.77 billion soums concealed inside the bus's spare wheel.

The customs authorities are currently investigating the incident.

According to current regulations, individuals can import up to 65 grams of jewelry made of precious metals and stones without paying customs fees, as specified in the passenger's customs declaration.

Previously, individuals attempting to smuggle 1.4 kg of gold items, including a chain, a tooth mold, and a crowbar, from Uzbekistan to Kyrgyzstan were apprehended.


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