5 members of a family died when a train hit a car in Surkhandarya



Five family members lost their lives in Surkhandarya when a train collided with a Gentra car. The General Prosecutor's Office press secretary, Hayat Shamsutdinov, conveyed this tragic incident to QALAMPIR.UZ.

On January 31 at 8:29 p.m., N.B., residing in Kogalli neighborhood, Qumqurgon district, experienced a devastating event. A passenger train struck their Gentra car at an unguarded railway crossing. Among the passengers were N.B.'s family members: mother Kh.Z. (born in 1959), spouse Sh.S. (born in 1994), minor daughter M.M., and minor son M.M. Unfortunately, they succumbed to their injuries at the accident site.

Additionally, both the driver N.B. and his minor son M.M. were admitted to Shorchi Central Hospital with various injuries stemming from the collision.


Surxondaryo poezd

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